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Warframe Concept- Bharmaa


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This is my first FanConcept, so feeback is appreciated, good or bad.

Lets get the name out of the way. It's supposed to be a nod to the Chinese patriarch Bodhidharma who taught martial arts to the shaolin monks.

On to the Frame, he's supposed to be a short range powerhouse, focusing on short range utilization of his skills.

His starting stats are:

Health : 100

Power : 100

Armor : 50

Sheild : 110



1.  Iron Palm, 25- Aim the reticle at an enemy for Bharmaa to dash and do a quick strike that sends the opponent sprawling. The dash would be very short, only about half the distance of ExCal's Slash Dash. At the strike point, there would be a small AoE stun, so if there's a few enemies around, they'll be confused for a moment. It does little damage. The enemy hit will be sent flying for a few meters and can knock down anyone in the way. Increased with Stretch, Focus.


2. WhirlWind Sweep, 40- Bharmaa quickly does a Sweep that generates a small wind around his sweeping legs and sends all the enemies in the vicinity to the ground. It does damage as well. The duration of the enemies time on the ground can be increased with mods. Increased with Stretch, Focus


3. Will, 25- Bharmaa bow's and his teamates and he all get unlimited energy, or that green bar. Dunno if that's called energy or not, but unlimited green bar. So like, unlimited Sprint and Wallrunning and stuff. Increeased with Duration mods.


4. (I actually don't have a name for this skill, but I'm gonna shorten it to B.A.M.F.W.A.M.F, Beat a MotherF****r With Another MotherF****r.) So in BamfWamf, Bharmaa grabs the two closest enemies and uses them as gauntlets and beats all the other enemies around him for a duration of time. Increased with Focus, Duration mods, Stretch.


I'll maybe post some drawings of the Frame if i feel like it. But anyway, what do you guys think? And post some ideas of a name for the Ult.

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This sound like it would be fun, wish it had more stam to get around, but this looks like a solid idea. +1




EDIT: Just realized the third ability is for stamina so I retract my aforementioned thought.

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