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Kuaka companion concept


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Kuaka are small creatures found on Earth resembling Spring-hares...


(yes I know, they exist and are cute)


Players can interact with Kuaka on the plains of Cetus (by chasing and killing them) and this would be where players could obtain DNA to incubate one....


So.... how would a tamed Kuaka be useful for the player?

First the basics....

Distraction... The Kuaka would highlight itself for the enemies and draw their fire leading them off away from the player or objective... this ability would also come with a passive faction universal EMP Aura for itself and other companions...


Second ability would be Burrow.... if the Kuaka is low on HP it will burrow into the ground (60 seconds max) and become immune to damage by the enemy... it will mark itself on the map but still be able to use Distraction and it's breed signature ability.... when you clear out the enemies it will emerge and go back to business.... if you don't arrive it'll likely get killed by the end of it's Burrow ability (since it's got the attention of a small army).

Scavenge.... each breed or Kuaka will have some variant of this ability. The Kuaka finds a resource and stores it in it's cheek... if it finds a rarer one it will drop one of it's less rare resources and carry the other.... if there are multiple of "rare" resources it will choose the one you have the least of in your inventory. When the player approached the Kuaka after it emerges from the Burrow it will leave the resources for the player.



Briar... when this breed uses it's burrow ability it will summon spines and nettles to deal damage to enemies in the area. These thorns deal light Puncture damage and have a low chance to deal Poison.

Ghostly... when this breed uses Distraction it creates multiple ghosts that lead foes astray... these ghosts have small HP pools that scale with the enemy's HP. When it Burrows it creates a small AoE "Spook" around it's hole that causes nearby enemies to become disarmed.

Tar... This breed can hold the most items via Scavenge. When in it's Burrow enemies nearby will be inflicted with a status identical to Cold... this status can stack with Cold to further slow enemies.

Outside of the Burrow the Kuaka can still use it's Thorns, Spook, or Tar.... but they have greatly reduced AoE





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