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Top 10 Bugs That Will Blow Your Heads Off


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Come on it's been a while these bugs need to be fixed. i will list 10 that will blow your heads off literaly ! ! !


10. the "DNS look up failed"

ok everyone sick of this pop up everytime they tried to loging in! exiting out typing ipconfig/flushdns is just so frustrating is this even a bug? or an actual gameplay?


9. the "Aftermath blackscreen"

thrown into the abyss of darkness after you finished the mission, alt f4 or so, solve the problem but it isnt feels right. you can still typing in squad chat and clan though, but for what?


8. the "session is full, objective has been completed, invitation only from host bla bla Zzz"


THIS is one of the reason you guys might actualy throw your pc or comp out of the window into the deep abyss. when you're trying to join void session and your place taken by someone else who didnt get the bug is just a massive blow to the head.

HOLY                                                    FU**ING                                          SHI*            may god help us all.


7. the "anonymous to the rescue"

this bug is pretty uncommon in casual player with 1-3 hours of walkthrough. but i will tell you what, THIS BUG when your friend invite you to a game, SOMEHOWW??? you enter another guy session instead of your friend! how cool is that?


6. the "RIP Melee"

there is a bug when sometimes your melee isnt going to hapenned, when you pressing e or melee button its just dont response with anything. and can only be fixed by abort the game or revived after died.


5. the "Skill is in use"

cant use your skill while in combat? thats a bug im telling ya, pretty rare but its still a blow to the head, especialy when you solo defense and the bug just trolling in.


4. the "mad cow sentinels"

they say in update 9.1.4 the dethcube attacks issue has been fixed. its still happening though prety rare to occur.


3. the "Outerworld objective"

just another objective outside the map no big deal just restart the session DUH?


2. the "DOJO"

if you guys the clan member then you already knew it. a MAP full of bugs? let me make it clear, died while in the dojo, fighting outside the duel arena, glitching the obstacle room with a big jump to the finish line ( if you guys want to try it use loki with rush mods).



and the winner of today bugzzz winer iss????


.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

.  .  .  .  .  .  .

.  .  .  .  .  .

.  .  .  .  .

.  .  .  .

.  .  .

.  .


1. the "NO WAY OUT"

Have you ever try to avoid the shield lancer grineer? and you just knocked out with no reason after 10 meters evasive maneuver?


Have you ever do the same with the grineer gunners?


WELL SHI* i dont know if its a bug or no, but this thing is biggest massive BLOW!!?? through your skull brain and balls of your body !!!



thats it for now eric reporting from the crime scene, back to the audience. . . please tell me if theres a bug that has already been fixed or some new bug.

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I have only experienced the "power in use" bug on my ASH...the recent ASH bug is now invincibility after using BladeStorm and only when you are not the host...pretty effective when your buddies wanna take you along for some boss runs  :P

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