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Option to hide/mark relics

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So I have a very smile idea.  As of right now, if I run a endless fissure mission, I get 15 seconds to decide which relic I want to use.... I have included a picture of just my lith relics to show my issue.  I am too many relics, same as a lot of other players.  There are some relics, I want to save for clan mates, or I want to make sure they are radiant before I use them.  15 seconds is not long enough to pick figure out what to use.  So a simple option would be either, while in my ship, at my relic station, be able to mark a relic I don't want to use.  What this does, is one of two things

1. In a relic selection screen, any marked relics would not show up.


2. Marked relics would show up with a mark on them, a void key picture, or a different color background.  Something that allows me to instantly know, I don't want to pick that relic.

As it stands right now, I have 23 different lith relics.  I'm counting my Radiants ones at different yes.  I have 23 showing up in the list.  22 without Radiant, which still means I have less then a second, you look at what's in each relic before I pick what you.  This needs to change.





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i'm middle of the fence about your idea, it's good idea but can you filter it under 15s?
i think it can be improve if we able to chose or lineup relic 2 to 5 before mission open 'relic choosing', so we could choose (highlighted) it instantly from there without bother typing name of the relic in '15s' timer which it is short to choose but it is for greater good to keep game fluid and fast pace

you can use imgur, and it's free

just sayin

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