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Melee Crit "trigger" Mod


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Don't know how to describe it but something like a crit stacking mod?

When you kill an enemy whit a critical hit there is a short time where your crit-chance is increased to 100% So every time you kill an enemy whit a critical hit your sword glows red indicating the boost (sound too?). You then have 2-3 sec to hit another enemy with an automatic critcal hit.

Mod has 5 levels, each lvl increases the chaining after kills and adds bonus crit dam.

0: +10% crit damage and 100% crit chance after killing an enemy with a critical strike. Can chain 1 time. (kill one enemy, if the next strike, the auto crit one, kills an enemy the auto crit will be reset to base critchance of weapon) 6 energy
1: +30% crit dam and 100% chance...chains 2 times 7 energy

2: +50% crit dam and 100% chance...chains 3 times 8 energy

3: +70% crit dam and 100% chance...chains 4 times 9 energy

4: +90% crit dam and 100% chance...chains 5 times 10 energy

5: +110% crit dam and 100% chance...chains 6 times 11energy

(110% + 90% from Organ Shatter = 200%)


the point being that once you crit you could go on a killing spree smacking down people left and right.


Edit: The crit kill "trigger" is just a suggestion, might be very situational. However when you crit there is a rather large chance that you kill the target.

We can just call it "Cleave" as the old skills from ye olde games :)

"uses Cleave to follow through"

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