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Mag's Crush (4Th Ability) Possibly Crashing Others


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Was just playing a Xini defense mission on Eris.  I was host at the time and hit a bunch of enemies with Mag's 4th ability: Crush.  I had coil mag helm and stretch mod equipped, and my friend's Banshee had bunched up all the enemies from the current wave, so I must stress that it hit a lot of enemies.  About halfway though the ability's activation I suddenly find myself very lonely as my 3 fellow defenders disconnected and disappeared.  One of those defenders was my Banshee friend, and he told me via steam that his game had crashed.  Seems somewhat coincidental, as well as VERY similar to a previous crash bug with the banshee's sound quake crashing others that had gore disabled.  That Banshee bug was at the advent of update 9 and has been fixed (Thank you!).  I had gore and Nvidia particles enabled in my graphical settings if that helps, and I do believe my friend had gore enabled.  Will keep testing and will update if any more information comes to light.

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