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Give Us The Ability To Set Dojo Spawnpoints (Or An Alternative)


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All in the title.


Since building another Clan Hall, Great Hall, etc sets a new spawnpoint (at least from what I have experienced and heard), it really messes up the whole dojo layout.


I built up my clan dojo around the Clan Hall, and if I, say, build a Great Hall one floor above, it sets a new spawnpoint, and clan members will have to search for all the stuff I centred around the Clan Hall.


Alternative to Setting a Spawnpoint

As an alternative, why not simply have the option to switch out a lesser hall with a better hall?


Example: I have a regular Clan Hall. Have the option to switch that out for a Great Hall, Grand Hall, etc in the exact place the Clan Hall was.


This way, you can upgrade capacity and the look of the Hall, but still have that area be the center of attention.

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Well the orical room has no function so why not make it so you can manage things like spon points and what to build next. Make it like a dojo management center so other clan members can see the future plans

Yes, I completely agree.  The oral room should have a function other than for dictation in the lab.  Spooning in the desired location is very important as we could be embarrassed by other clan members while doing that!


:Pure Trolling:  Enjoy!

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i think it would be a neat idea to make the little areas on the ground where you can sit in a meditative stance the spawn points. Have the ability to place those around where ever you wanted.

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