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Need help to understand the steam economy tied up with warframe.



I've just recently added Warframe to my steam profile recently & after a long time as I never used steam instead I was using AMD Raptr before, apart I used steam for borderlands & dungeons and defenders II. I went back to steam now, However, I'm just curious as I get this option after logging into Warframe in-game, screenshot below:-Cf3G5R7.jpg

Anyone would care to expound to me as I prefer to understand it better in long terms of using the option of Warframe account tied to the steam economy?.

Thank you for the assistance in advance & much appreciated it. :satisfied:

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2 minutes ago, Omega-Shadowblade said:

As mentioned above, you can use your steam wallet to buy your plat packs. In addition it should allow access to the tennogen cosmetics though they have to be bought straight with money.

Any cons about this option once it is tied to the steam economy?. Just wanted to know in advance with respect to knowledge. 

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Just now, Omega-Shadowblade said:

Not particularly. There aren't any extra taxes or in your face fees or anything. Its just there in the background.


Just now, MrMythic said:

No cons and you can still get plat from the main site if you want to get it that way.

Thanks a lot to you both & rest of the members as well for answering my question. I'm glad to know about it now. :satisfied:


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