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Hikou Clipping/angles And Holster/holder Size


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For some reason with Hikou's new size comes with weird looks the throwing stars look to big compared to the holster/holder(I'm going to call it holster). But with the new size new clipping issues come(E.g. Nova Part of the Hikou's Holster seems to be attached to nothing the back area near the back of the Thighs it is attached to nothing, then you have Nyx, with the part on the top of the thigh close to the waist where you got the protruding parts top of the Hikou are attached to nothing. Trinity seems to be clipping with the skirt on the belt or whatever that is lets just go with belt and then there is the dangly bits out of the 3 on each side the middle is clipping,on Banshee the protruding thighs in the middle part the Hikou's Holster look like it is growing out of banshee's protruding thighs. Rhino you never noticed the clipping in the thighs until the size of the holster was shrunk, on Frost I see that the holsters are clipping with the sides of his manly dress (just look at him from the front and the clipping parts will align with his knee spikes, Volt his sweater(looks like a sweater is tied to his waist) near the bottom of the holster where the sweater meets his leg it clips with the sweater. on Vauban the angle just looks weird where it is placed now and before, Loki on his left thigh that is differently shaped then the right(from looking from behind) the angle is just off slightly in the middle area of the thigh) from everything this is looking at all the frames I have. if you have a frame I didn't list and you notice clipping or a weird angle please add to this would be greatly appreciated thanks


This is all from my perspective if you think I am wrong then please move along if you have nothing to add to this. This is what I think needs to be fixed for aesthetic look of the Warframes.

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