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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix

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1 minute ago, Cameron_Hall said:

Reposting from the previous hotfix thread:

Meanwhile, Kubrows and Kavats STILL have the bug that came with the PoE update, and are physically unable to get through doors and openings of basically any size. Putting aside the universal vacuum debate, this alone makes using animal companions a chore. They will get stuck everywhere and die on their own, until you've moved 100m+ away and they fall through the map to teleport to you.

If you aren't gonna fix the bug, at least give us the option to tell them to stay where they are so I can move through rooms freely without risk of them following me and either blocking enemy spawns by being unable to leave the spawn room, or dying.

There were a ton of threads on this around the PoE update and I'm pretty sure none of them got any sign of being acknowledged. I may have missed something, and if so I apologize, but this is ridiculous. While the bug may have existed in weaker forms in the past, with the companions getting bugged sometimes, it was never this serious, and everyone in the threads acknowledge it as coming with the PoE update.

Do you have a quote of this coming with PoE? I'm fairly sure the Kubrows and Kavats are simply having pathfinding issues because DE had to update them for the Plains and somehow missed the fact that doors are a thing that exist. I'm fairly certain that if they don't get around to fixing it now, it may come with Operation: Plague Star or whatever this operation's name will be.

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1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Plains of Eidolon:



- Clipped the budding wings of various species of fish. We will be collecting your favourite screenshots in honor of the day the fish flew too close to the sun.  

- Fixed an issue where all Captura scenes were marked as owned. Sorry, Fashion Framers.

- Fixed a crash that would occur when leaving the Dojo.

- Fixed an issue with textures on Eximus units.

- Fixed various crashes.


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