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Double Tap Weapon Select During Weapon Reload Bug


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Warframe: Saryn

Primary: Latron

Secondary: Twin Vipers

Melee: Dual Ether


So I've done this consistently to get this bug to where if I exhaust all rounds in my Latron magazine to 0 then immediately try switch over to my Twin Vipers and then immediately try to go back to my Latron my primary / secondary will not work.  So if that didn't make sense what I'm saying is that when my Latron mag hits 0 if I double tap my weapon switch button where I go primary - secondary - primary while I'm reloading my primary / secondary will not work.


I have a work around where sometimes using my Miasma mostly but other powers sometimes will cause them to work again. If I revive a teammate then they start working again 100% of the time.


Posting this as soon as I confirmed this and I haven't tested other Warframe / Primary / Secondary combos yet.



Tried out the combos below and still having this problem.

Sounds crazy but if you're having problems reproducing it just make as soon as the mag hits 0 double tap as fast as you can.


Warframe: Saryn

Primary: Burston

Secondary: Despair

Melee: Dual Ether


Warframe: Saryn

Primary: Gorgon

Secondary: Aklato

Melee: Dual Ether


Hopefully I'm not repeating a known issue.

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