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Use Prime Mats To Prime An Unprimed Item


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So you want a Latron Prime (hypothetically speak). You have all the parts and the required credits to craft.




You also have a plain ol' Latron which has been 4 times forma'd and potato'd, and you really don't want to go through the process of doing all that over again for the slightly better version of your gun.




Instead of crafting that Latron Prime, you have the option to UPGRADE your existing Latron, changing it into a Latron Prime and consuming the Latron Prime mats in the process. The Latron Prime has its level set to 0, but now you don't have to waste forma and a potato!



 - You save a potato

 - You save forma



 - Have to re-level (well, you'd have to level a newly crafted Latron Prime anyways)

 - You have one gun instead of two (only the Latron Prime, instead of the Latron + Latron Prime)

 - You paid a buttload of credits for the upgrading process, more than the credits it would take to normally craft

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Plz run far and fast...


and dont turn back..


Prime is a technologie that Tenno forgot the essense

Meaning for now they dont create thoose weapons like we craft the other,

but we actually use part allready crafted by orochins, and just put them together



and wut ? yu think Dev's can buy beer with in gamme credit?


if so...


i guess it's a good idea, but i actually doubt it

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