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Just A Few General Suggestion


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1)Allow the endless defense map to start automatically once all player has reached the same consensus,having a stalker hitting you while waiting for the 15 second to load finish is kinda dumb.


2)Nightmare mode doesn't provide the terror that it should be providing,just my opinion nightmare mode should be made for elite ninjas to do mission fast,swift and ninja-ish,to further enhance the nightmare mode rewardability we could get some different stalker gang that terrorize player,which ACTUALLY require skills to take them down and to give the victor a privilege to show off by dropping nightmare version of stalker weapon.


Additional mode can also be added in,example of getting ambush by elite grineers that will lock down certain zone and we will have to survive few minutes,a total stealth mission of retrieving enemy ship's data(making the stealthy wyrm sentinel a spotlight anybody?)


3)Future operation like fomorian event,shouldn't penalise player but REWARD player for completing the event,instead reducing the resources gained should be a no-no,let us get double resources would be a great way of saying "Congratulation for playing the event and fulfil the condition,we shall reward your hardwork of easier life to gather material so you can craft more weapons"


4)Allow further clan progress like gathering blueprints for clan research as a whole,a clan exclusive material that upon obtain,it goes to clan fund instead of personal inventory and maybe to reward free player(not everyone can top-up like us,especially young teens) with clan storage of lets say 2-4 slots with huge amount of quantity to build it up


5)Exclusive mod for special weapon,giving a example of normal version and Prime version,Prime weapon afterall are lost technology of tenno,mentioning of lost technology should give us the impression of something good,able to do something unique compared to original version,increasing damage/fire rate/crit rate alone would be sufficient,we could be able to give it like a latron prime has one special mod that can only be fitted to latron prime.


6)Nightmare Endless Defense,this is probably repeated quite a few time as i had seen on the thread but we should have like a faster,more cruel defense on nightmare,the wave starts churning out 3-4 normal defense wave of mob and in further level,they would be resistant to basille,snow globe so different tactic would be required to tackle down the defense in return and the player would be greatly rewarded(double mod drop rate maybe?)


This is all my 50c of comments.

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