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Invincibility Bug


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Pretty game breaking. Has happened repeatedly this weekend. It seems like using a melee attack with the Fragor, while being hit by a knockdown attack (grineer heavy gunner i believe?) causes you to become immune to damage. I was able to reproduce this probably 6-7 times. I dont believe i was host for any of the games in question.


Another possibility is that the invulnerability granted by Bladestorm was not wearing off after the ability was used, but I'm pretty sure i got it to happen without using the ability too.


Current set up:







EDIT: Apparently the issue is with bladestorm, not the Knockdown resistance from Fragor. 

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Every mission with every loadout, if i use bladestorm once i become invincible for the duration of the mission. was kind of amusing at first but now its just annoying. Ash is my favorite frame, kinda wish he would stop being broken all the time. the amount of bugs blade storm has had is ridiculous.


Edit:  Does not happen when soloing, only when on multiplayer missions. 

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