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Do You Want To Bleed Your Enemy Slowly? No? K :|


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IF YESS then i present to you this weapon


yeah you right, this is a badass motherflamming whip taken from PoP the game.


status suggestion:


-armor ignore

-wide swing range

-low damage like 20 (nerfed from 25)

-fast attack speed

-each swing needs 0,6 second to reach its max range

-more 50%dmg against corpus and grineer

-less 50%dmg against infested


unique damage modifier


1. Slice and Dice (global)


deal 1% damage of target max health overtime for 3 seconds


2. Heavens Grip

gives the user 5% attack speed for each hit to the enemy units stack up to 7 times


3. Primed Chord (prime only)

add 200% elemental damage but prevent the use of diferent kind of elemental mods at the same time (example : 90% fire damage mods + Primed chord = 270% fire damage not 290%, its like triple up things)


4. Vandalized Edge (vandal only/ event gift)

add a 100% stagger chance





Edit : thanks effinator for helping me out



the daggertail from two thrones incase nobody knows


thank you mister :)

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Let's get sued and make our creative team less creative by taking gear from other games. Disney does it, so it must be just fine.


well since they already make eviscrator gun that almost have the same mechanics as dead space ripper gun, i'd say we should copy more :D

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They should eliminate jumping from the game cuz DE is just copying Mario!

Instead of having gravity operate on a square root of the distance between two masses, they should use a cubed root because their physics engine is plagiarizing Newton, and a cubed root would make the gravity 4 dimensional.

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