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Warframe Erroneously Calling Up The Chinese Language Input Method Editor


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While playing Warframe, I have found that the game will frequently launch the Chinese input method editor (IME) routine at random. This will cause an overlay input dialog to pop up and steal focus away from the Warframe application.


There is generally very little I can do at that point but alt-tab out and kill the app. The only solution I have found is to remove the Chinese option from my IME. I also have the Japanese language option enabled, and thus far have encountered no issues.


I have no idea why Warframe is doing this, but I do use the Chinese input method editor for work and study. Having to disable it every time I want to play Warframe is a considerable inconvenience. Please look into it.


Fairly good explanation of the IME and how to use it: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-desktop/how-can-i-input-chinese-in-windows-7-english/4d6537a3-3e0f-43e6-9fb1-856791f6db78

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