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Going Beyond Helmets


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First off, I haven't posted a lot but I love this game! It is exactly the style of game that fits my play style!


I'm sure this has been mentioned prior however, I'd really like to see armor tier selections alongside the helmets. I felt like some of the new frame helmets were nice designs and would just like to see additions to armor styling. I bring this up because I'm currently using Banshee as my main (which I don't know why I leveled so many frames prior, she is SICK!). With that being said, her one shoulder pad that sticks up bugs the s**t out of me. I think even just a shoulder pad upgrade would be efficient? The customization of each Warframe is critical while still keeping them individualized by more than just their powers alone.



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her one shoulder pad that sticks up bugs the s**t out of me.


I just have to say..... I try my ABSOLUTE hardest not to pay any attention to it. But no matter how much I try, it's like... there might as well be a sticker on my screen with a green tiger on it, because I am constantly looking at it and thinking "god, that's hideous"

USUALLY a bit of asymmetry doesn't bother me that much (like with Saryn or Nova) but when it comes to helmets and shoulders.... it is the worst thing in the entire world.


Anyway, THAT being said, they have talked about this on livestreams before, and can be quite a real possiblity one day.

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