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Foundry Build Bug


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(I did a quick search but found nothing that looked like this. Sorry if it's been posted in another thread.)


I recently recieved a Gorgon blueprint as a daily reward. While I don't want to make it, I do want to mention a bug which is a bit strange...


Gorgon requires: 5 Morphics, 5k Ferrite, 6k Salvage, 1k Circuits, and 25k credits.

I have: 1 Morphics, 6,294 Ferrite, 0 Salvage, 889 Circuits, and 4,834 credits. (Yes, I'm a bit new... :P)


So what's odd? The build button is light up! I can press it, though it tells me "Insuficient rank to build this item." I think that I only meet 1 of the 6 requirements to build it, so I think it's a bug unless I'm missunderstanding something here.

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