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July 29Th: Community Hot Topics


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I don't think trading items for some platinum is such a good idea... I mean the point of having platinum is having a rare resource that can buy some powerful stuff! You can trade platinum bough items for other rare items bought with platinum but getting the actual platinum itself? nah!. here is a suggestion: every item that can be bought with platinum can also be bought with a high amount of credit. 

By the way... if you trade...lets say an Excalibur warframe, will it be the same level that the seller sells it? or should the item always be unranked with no mods attached to it after being sold? 


Is that your perception of what plat is for? Because it's not mine, and judging by how they've used it, I don't think it's DE's either. At its base, it's just an in-game currency you use real world currency to obtain initially. Aside from the 50 plat we get for signing up and then I believe another 100 plat down the line, if play is being spent, it was bought from DE with real money. So where is this idea that it's a rare resource that you can buy powerful stuff with? You can get the most powerful stuff without plat. Plat is a convenience currency. The convenience being the alternative to the other currency people may use: time. Either you spend time or you spend real money. Plat is just the representation of money, not that what you buy needs to be rare, powerful, or elite.



I like the idea of a marketplace where I can sell and buy mods, but I still don't get why I can't just be like "Hey friend of mine who needs this mod I don't need, here you go"


Because a gold farmer could just add anyone onto their friend list and sell them gold. DE doesn't want a million spammers in the game. We currently have none due to the lack of trading. DE is trying to be very careful to work around both exploits and the appearance of spammers. If there's any easy way to trade, it will invite the wrath of the constant chat spam gold farmers. They don't see it as a necessary evil that should exist in their game, so they're trying to work around it.

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By the way, could you make a dedicated Great Warframe Buff thread, with each Warframe listed in order of urgency and what exactly is planned for them, if anything? I think this would assuage concerns about certain Warframes being ignored without having to answer them individually, as indeed I have been anxious to find out what's happening with Frost over the past couple of months or so but so far, nothing.

Epic idea mate. If there was a pinned thread specifically about what's in the pipeline, it'd be awesome.

However, at the same time it can be really bad if they just make it vague and annoying;

I.e they would probably say something like "all elemental frames are under the microscope" instead of "we're intending to change Frost's snowglobe in particular because we feel it's currently adversely impacting the way that synergies between warframes work at the higher level missions, as can be seen when mixed with Bastille"

But yeah, knowing DE, it would be really vague and non-informative, just like the most recent Sound Team livestream. You can just tell DERebecca was trying to get them to say something cool and she keeps asking them how they make particular sounds, but they were all like 'yeah, so we use materials in various ways to make sounds'. No S#&$ eh?

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Yeah, I'm confused by this, I've never had a problem with Raids, only their lack of context; the fact that these locked up, heavily-guarded Orokin artefacts keep turning out to be....mods (WOW, this Fast Hands is what sent the readings "off the chart"!?)...the kind that drop from dead enemies anyway! Scrapping it entirely smacks of giving up too easily. And they're apparently going to replace it with this Survival Tron knock-off thing?


Personally I always took it that you hand over the artifact collected to the Lotus, the mod and credits you get as a reward was payment from the lotus for the job done.



If you put the following three missions under the microscope, you will see further reasons why Raid is going:

Raid, Sabotage, Capture, these three are very similar in objective-execution. The Designers (and players) want more variety, replacing Raid with something that isn't so close in execution to Sabotage and Capture will add variety that we see our players yearning for every day. Of those three similar types, Raid is the weakest link in their eyes.  ...

This is the thing I dont get, you have 18 raid missions in the game (3 are in the void towers), and 37 sabotage missions (more than doube possible raid missions, and some of the most illogical ways to go about the sabotage too).  Surely you can reduce the sabotage missions by say the 15 raid missions on the sol system and add the survival missions, that would still leave us with the raid missions and still have 22 sabotage missions (still more than the total raid missions currently), which would mean you loose nothing at all.  Then work to make the raid, capture and sabotage better and more distinct from each other.  Having more options is always better than having less (even if it is purely cosmetic difference).

Alternatively amalgamate the raids into capture missions so your either going to 'capture' an artifact or the crewman, if you realy want, but honestly I dont realy see the need.


Survival missions however don't really fit as a primary missions either (as far as I can see them), why would a tenno go anywhere (tenno have to travel to every mission currently) to have to just survive for x amount of time when they are 'ninja'.  Surely (outside game control mechanic limitations here) they can just so to some out of the way place and hide for as long as they need too.  Afterall they can physically get into a ship without setting off any external sensors.  As a player you can find places to go, then go watch a movie and never be seen.

Not to mention every mission requires the survival aspect to complete it, wouldn't that just make any survival style mission the same as every other mission but with less objectives?


Raid type missions to me seem far more fundemental (even under a microscope) from a lore point of view (ie. the Lotus and Tenno want orokin tech, and dont want corpus and grineer researching it, this currently seems the underlying drive for the Lotus/Tenno, the major goal is uncertain) than many other mission types.  Sure they may be similar to capture or sabotage mechanically but fall into a vastly different aspect of the lore/immersion side of the game.  No other mission has you retrieveing orokin technology (defence kind of does but thats Tenno, not tech) from the hands of the corpus or grineer or it's loss due to infestation (though the anchients may have plans for them too).


Obviously being one of the missions in the fewest quantity (and some planets not even having them), raids will be played less (assuming just numbers of missions played), maybe checking the overall played missions by the number of them on offer is a better indicator, as many find it hard to see raids being played less than rescue, given the hostage's penchant for bugging out. 


I even find it odd that sabotage missions would be played more individually than raid, given they dont give a guarenteed mod on completion.

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I've been reading through this thread for a little and I tend to agree with most people as far as trading goes. Several friends of mine talked about this and decided what would be nice is an In Clan only trading system. Allow us to trade things like blueprints and mods and resources with those of our clan. Reason behind this is like most people have said. Not all of us have the time to eyeball the alert system and hope the one blueprint or aura comes up that we really need. Sometimes we just can't get home do an alert for those pieces. It would be nice to be able to help my friends achieve what they want in order to enjoy the game more fully.


Please do not offer a platinum based auction house. It'll just ruin the game overall because the game will be focused on making platinum and not playing the game for the fun of playing it. I like the idea of buying Platinum with real money. Mainly what I use mine for is rushing parts and frames because lets face it, I'm impatient. I also like getting color packs and the like and little odds and ends here and there. This is an aspect of the game that makes sense to me and makes the game appealing to me and to the many people I have invited to come play it. I hate the idea of selling items in a game where an auction house makes no sense in order make platinum. The game becomes a grind fest at that point and loses its wonder.


I wouldn't mind seeing new mission types, but what I would like to see more is maybe another system to play in. While we all love the Sol system, there's lots of room out there and it'd be nice to see a new faction to play against using the mission types we already have. I understand you'd like to finish tuning what you got before you move onto to something new. I can respect that. But keeping an eye open for awesome ideas (like mine of course :Þ) is also something I can respect.


Yeah, some frames need some work, but I understand the DE's are doing what they can when they can so I'm not complaining. As far as I am concerned, all my frames work, they work well in missions, and they work well with others. I honestly can't ask for much more there. Do what you can when you can and I'll be happy.


Overall I am happy with Warframe and I continue to suggest to people I play games with. Keep up the good work and I'll keep playing.

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What about gifting blueprints within clans?

I believe DE have mentioned previously they dont want people to be able to just dump stuff onto others so you dont end up with a new/reset account having all the blueprints for no cost.  Gifting also opens up the potential of bot farmers selling blueprints and the like for real cash.

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I'm interested in how they want to implement their trading - what Rebecca wrote here sounds promising, and gives me hope that someone might like and import stuff from https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/79196-concepts-of-mine-consumables-merchant-gambler-and-void-cause-i-like-that/#entry863293 ... I know, I know, but a bit of positive attitude cannot hurt, right? :)

____________  _ _  ____________



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This has been suggested several times in the past and so i'llwrite it here, hopefully it will become a question for the next livestream:


When do we will have a loadout system to fast load/unload mods on our frames/weapons?


Like if when i switch frame there's a button to click and the game automatically load & apply all the mods from a preset i've saved before.

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i think giving mods to get a random one would be useless its gonna be pretty much the same as farming for a mod but instead you are losing some to get a random new one i would rather know what im getting even if i have to give more of my mods for what i want i been trying to get blaze for some time it would be more useful if i could give something like 20 or 30 mods or whatever number the devs decide and get blaze or any other mod 

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If you put the following three missions under the microscope, you will see further reasons why Raid is going:

Raid, Sabotage, Capture, these three are very similar in objective-execution. The Designers (and players) want more variety, replacing Raid with something that isn't so close in execution to Sabotage and Capture will add variety that we see our players yearning for every day. Of those three similar types, Raid is the weakest link in their eyes.

As for this:


"And they're apparently going to replace it with this Survival Tron knock-off thing?" I think you're confusing the Tron part for what is going to be used to amp up Spy missions.


Survival-style mission replacing Raid is on the board.

Cyber-intel to vamp up Spy is a separate revamp on the board as well.


When the time comes to implement this (and all other mission revamps, including Rescue based on "fix this first" feedback), we will be ready to act on further feedback.

This is cool: At the very least, they should keep the Raids but just restrict them to Catalyst/Reactor/Forma (and any other such upgrade items they may release in future) alerts, at least that way, we know we're going out of our way to steal something valuable!

Will pass along.

Proposed fix:


Raid: make the person who is 'carrying' the artifact automatically draw aggro, like Iron Skin.  Maybe have them also get some sort of bonus, like health regen at the same time.


Capture: Leave as is.


Sabotage/Destroy the reactor: Always turn on the escape timer, and cause opening the chamber to spawn more units nearby that come into attack (this may already be occurring).


Raid becomes both a sort of 'protect the human-player rescue' with constant harassment.  Capture is Capture.  Sabotage becomes a race against time which follows a decision between destroying parts of the reactor or fending off enemes (perhaps needing a split-team focus).


This changes the way these are played, requires a bit of teamwork and planning (mission fail if the raid carrier dies without revive, or if the team doesn't escape before the timer runs out), and lets you continue to use the same assets you currently have, IMO.


You can still add the other modes.

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