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Mods: Warframe And Assist Mods


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[This is a suggestion thread]


Let's face facts: With only 10 slots on a Warframe, we don't have the space for the other mods that we want to use. Stuff like Rush (Sprint faster), Stamina Recharge/Max increases (Sprint/Wall Run longer), Mods similar to Flame Repellant/Lightning Rod (Elemental Resistances), etc.


Breaking down the 10 slots, we usually have:


- Anywhere from 1-4 of our abilities put in (1-4)

- All the energy increasing mods for almost every frame [Flow, Streamline, Stretch, Continuity and/or Focus; last two dependent on frame] (5-10)

- Defensive Mods: Redirection and Vitality (7-12)


Looking at the amount of mods we have put in, if you only use 1 ability and 4 mods to increase your energy usage, that's 7 mods already, but most people use 2-3 abilities, so let's say 8-9 mods. On average, that only gives us 1-2 mods to pick from, and not giving us many possibilities when we have so many "mandatory" mods for most frames.


So, what if we 'split' the Frame mods in two sections? "Frame" and "Assist", and made a new section called "Assist"?



First, make a new customizable section for modding called "Assist". This section would have 4-8 slots to allow for defensive mods such as Redirection and Vitality, most of the "D"-polarity mods, like the resistances, Radar mods: Enemy Sense and Thief's Wit, and others that the devs would choose (I'd probably split some of the energy mods into there, like putting Stretch, Continuity, and Focus in there, while leaving the other energy mods for the Frame section).


This section is meant to be things that assist the Tenno's frames and aren't part of the core modifications (that's what the Frame section is for!). Also, this section would have 2 forced D-Polarity mods. By "forced", I mean that similar to the aura slot, you're only allowed to put in D-Polarity mods, ensuring that everyone has a few defensive mods (even if they're resistances, whatever). These slots CANNOT be Forma'd, and are the same for every frame (in that every frame will have 2 D-Polarity slots in every Assist section)



Next, the Frame section would be reduced to 7-9, down from 11, starting with 2 "="-polarity for choice of 2 half-cost abilities, the 1 Aura slot given to all Frames, and 4-6 additional slots with varying polarities based on the frame's base polarities and Formas chosen. The mods usable in the Frame section would be Energy increasing mods (Flow, Streamline), Stamina increasing mods (Quick Rest, Marathon), Rush for Sprint speed, and other mods that belong here.


This section is meant as the core modifications for the Tenno, but isn't meant for everything, as one section simply isn't enough room for everyone. Abilities are obviously a core part of a frame and must be put here. Increasing your energy also isn't an easy feat for an "assist" modification, so that goes here too.


As far as the mods chosen above goes, that's all for the devs to decide, as this is just an example; I'm just trying to split a few mods. I simply think that there's too many Warframe mods, especially MANDATORY ones (abilities, energy increasers, and Redirection/Vitality), that there's not enough room for other mods that most would find to be, well, crap, because there's just no room for them! I (and I'm sure a few others) love the mods that increase your stamina/sprint speed, Thief's Wit & Enemy Sense, etc., and if we had some more room, we could easily use them. My weapons even tend to have a little wiggle room in their 8 slots despite having a ton of mandatory mods (Multishot, Damage, Fire Rate, Reload Speed, Ammo, etc)



So, what do you guys think? Sound like an interesting idea or not? Too OP/UP? Do you like it but want to modify it slightly to a design you had in mind? Feel free to discuss/say how you would modify the ever-growing Warframe Mods issue; I want to hear what the community thinks because I know I'm not alone in thinking there's a problem.




Edit: The only easier solution I could come up with is mixing a few of the mods. Redirection and Vitality could combine into one mod that does both. Streamline and Flow could combine, as could Continuity and Focus. This would definitely cut some of the mandatory clutter while keeping the important mods as they are, but that would make them even more mandatory and OP (but hey, if the devs are okay with it... that's an extra 3 mod slots right there)





Too Long; Didn't Read? Try this instead:

- Warframe Mods section reduced to 7-9: 1 aura, 2 Abilities, 2 (3 for Prime) base polarity slots, and 2-4 (1-3 for Prime) empty slots.


- New moddable section named Assist; comes with 6-8 slots with 2 of them being non-Formable D-Polarity slots.


- Frame section meant for base modifications. Assist section meant for additional modifications on a frame that aren't part of the internal core.


- This is meant to reduce the clutter in the Frame section to allow more of the lesser used mods such as the Resistance mods, Stamina mods, Rush, etc.

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