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Mass Selling And Mass Buying


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It'd be grateful if....


Instead of letting us click selling item 1 by 1, can we have a msg box with choice to sell 1 or all? It's a pain to sell 100 stable corruptors by clicking it then click sell, then confirmation every time.


And make it that when we buy mats or something like potatoes/formas, we can buy a stack of them. Make it the same way as how you buy affinity boost or credit boost that you can choose the duration, but instead ask us the amount instead.

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They released a hotfix, shortly after another, just to fix weapons not being able to revert to default colors.


A hotfix for just ONE LITTLE BUG.


I can't see how hard this is to add. Just add another event before before confirmation, the new event being the selling system by numbers. Sure it's a new UI Handle to deal with, but think about where else it can be used? Want to buy more than just 5 ciphers? Reuse the same new handle, and use the number input as a way for players to dictate how many they want. Players want to buy more than one Orikin Cell on the marketplace for whatever reason? Let them!


Can't see why they are passing up on a little thing that can become a bigger thing very quickly...

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