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Saryn Sustems Blueprint Doesnt Drop ( Or Has A Very Low Drop Rate)


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I had Banshee and Vauban fully built first, while I was doing missions to get Saryn's blueprints. It happens.


Pray more to RNGesus. Or wait until they add in some kind of consignment/trade system -if thats what they decide to do.

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I'm having the same problem.  Been farming her for over a week now and out of ~100 runs I have like 25 helms and 25 chassis and numerous runs that resulted in zero BPs.  I go and do Sporid ONCE just for S#&$s and giggles and Nyx systems drops immediately.  Next run Nyx Chassis.  Within 2 runs I have 2/3 of the parts I need.  Same number of parts, as my ~100ish runs of Merrow...such bullS#&$.  The absolute DEPENDENCE on RNG to give this game "replayability" is a @(*()$ shame because it adds ZERO fun, is a creatively bankrupt mechanic, and results in ragequitting because you can potentially spend the remainder of your waking life farming unsuccessfully for a single virtual item.  Guess what?  I got better things to do.  DE you need to fix this broken 'system'.  Its horrible.


The latest hotfix confirmed that I was correct in assuming the drops were broken.  Except that now, they're not fixed.  Still broken.  Except worse because instead of getting duplicate BPs, I get nothing.  Not even mats.  Just nothing.  Already another 10 runs deep and ZERO BPs.  Everyone else I've asked also has got ZERO BPs at Merrow since the hotfix.  DE, fix your S#&$.

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