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Origin System And Sensitivity


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Hopefully the title isn't too misleading.


I've had this happen a lot with people and I apologize if this is a topic that's been addressed before, I couldn't find a thread that did. I'm sure you've noticed that the Origin System UI is extremely sensitive now. It doesn't seem to register that you're clicking in other windows at times which causes you to go into planet maps when you want to change chats or if you join someone you 'automatically' click on a map node you didn't want to, which causes problems such as needing to leave a group and get re-invited which are very tedious and annoying.


What I do like, however, is the ability to move through the different planet maps without having to zoom out to the Origin System main map or clicking a little node to move from planet to planet. It's certainly a nice feature, but the sensitivity issue is a tad irking.

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