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Party At The Obstacle Course


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 We built our obstacle course room and our entire clan was there to presence that magical moment. That room did not last even 15 minutes after it was completed when we have already messed it up.


 We had a really fun time in there.  The reason of this post is just for the fun of it. Enjoy.



 I did not manage to record a few other things, like when one of them got inside before the room was completed (we suspect of lag issues). Also, 2 of them managed to get to the bottom of the pit and they did not respawn on the top, they had to relog. As much as it pains me, I forgot to make a proper recording of Turbo Loki and his method. He manages to get to the course using a different approach that none of us could replicate (the only shot is in the video, but it is really hard to appreciate).

 Now for the explanation of all this. We all see different instances of the room, (clearly shown of the rope jumping part). In addition, the host could see the course properly and it would reset every time, but the rest of us got the course broken, the falling platforms would stay down. Also the pillars at the start would stay up for everyone except to him.




 If anyone knows of a decent free video editor, could you tell me the name?

 I have been using Windows Movie Maker, but it is simply a lame software that only offers trimming, image/music insertion and some very limiting text. Probably Power Point would be better for this...

 I am looking not for anything super fancy, just the same as Movie Maker, but to also insert images to overlap the video and ability to properly edit floating texts. I tried Lightworks, but for some reason it lags really bad on my laptop and I am not very eager to explore what it has to offer when any option I click on causes a 20 sec freeze.

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dust. very nutritious!


 Well... Considering that if it was not dust, it should have been steel, air, glass or lasers, I think dust was the most nutritious thing we could have found there.


the music made it look so much better ! ahah


 I tried to choose a music that would reflect the mood and mess we were having in there. Good to know that it was not a bad choice :D

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