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Elemental Resistance, Warm Coat Mods.


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I know this has probably been said a hundred times before, but I'd like to give my feedback on the matter.


The mods that enable elemental resistance (lightning rod, flame repellant, etc.) are, for the most part, useless. People say that they're basically mods to use in pvp to counter warframe abilities. Whether or not this was the intended case, I think it has some potential.


I thought that maybe all the elemental damage types could be included in a single mod; it would make it much less situational, and useful even in regular missions (even though there aren't any enemies that use lightning or ice, other than bosses).


To make it more viable in duels, the mod could instead be resistance to ALL opponent warframe abilities, instead of just the elemental ones; or, just flat out resistance to all player attacks.


As for the warm coat mod, I don't think, out of the 3 million Warframe players, that a SINGLE ONE equipped it, ever, other than to test it out. It's useless. 3-12% resistance to a hazard that has a 1/10 chance of occurring is one of the most half-baked ideas ever.


Other than simply bumping up warm coat's effect, my suggestion would be to include it to resist ALL hazard types-- which, at this time, only includes the self-destructing ship, I think. It could protect you from the random burning patches on the ground or something. It could even possibly mitigate some of the nightmare mode penalties, since those are sort of like hazards.


Anyway, that's my idea, let me know what you guys think, or if you even care, thanks.

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How about no? Unifying the mods into one will destroy the whole problem of choosing things. It just should be strongly buffed and, maybe, at price of having a dirt on the other side of the coin. Trading Ice hazard ignore for a bit of clumsiness? Why not?

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