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Grineer Aren't So Good With Numbers (Minor Map Design Mistake)


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It never bothered me at first but now I see it every time I walk past it and it makes my OCD ache.


On this side the wall says that we're on floor 4




But if we turn to the left it tells us we're on floor 5.




Also in the Floor 5 image you can see that the floor below has the Grineer for 3 there.


Obviously this isn't the only Grineer language error on maps, there's plenty of backwards words and half sentences but none of them bother me as much as this does.


It's OP PLZ Nerf

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One of my favorite grineer fails is the fact that there was one map where the words were just floating in the middle of the room. Not even on a wall. You could only see em from one side :P

​I have definitely saw that one but I was rushing through and I have no idea where it is now.

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