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Tenno Script Sighted - Formorian Victory Page

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So. We've have had the code broke for the Grineer, and for the Corpus, but not much for anything relating to the Tenno.


Well, linguists of the Tenno, go to the Formorian Victory page, and look to the right side of the screen. We has a actual message in Tenno script.


Anyone willing to give it a shot?

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You mean the chicken scratch that's on the right of every lore page?


Doh. Didn't realize that was a static mesage. Still, it's been hinted that it's the Tenno Script, also shows up during loading screens, as a example.


I wish we had more lore. I'm curious as to why the Corpus refer to us as "The Betrayers."


Another interesting point to bring up too. Get the impression that we were used by the Corpus on this one...

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