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Better Network Solution?


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I thought about something earlier today, and I'm guessing I'm not the first. Didn't see it in the FAQ, so I guess I'll just post it just in case ;)

I've been playing with randoms a lot of times, and I notice that the lags are just too amazing to be able to play through not just once, but almost every time. I don't seem to have this problem while playing with people from the clan even though we're from all over. This led me to the following suggestion:

When you start a squad or just start a map and get placed with others, wouldn't it be nice if the game could check who has the best connection, ping or something, and make that one the host. That would mean that the ones having bad connections would be the only ones suffering from it. Even though you hit the mobs where they stand, it's kinda hard to hit them when they teleport all the time.
I guess it should be doable since the host gets swapped if someone disconnects or quits. Why not make it a standard procedure at the start of the map?





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I think this idea is in DE's mind already, 


however not all the lag comes from the connection. There are plenty of pc's that cannot stand all the mobs that spawn at the same time and lag a lot while they are alive.


THere's plenty of work to do by DE :D

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