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Lotus Voice Change


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I am unsure what DE is attempting with the new sounds and voices however as you are probably aware. The Lotus has had several voices just recently as you can distinctly tell her new cybernetic voice, the voice from the Fomorian Operations, and lastly her normal voice that you usually hear.


Is DE trying to test new sounds for example the futuristic Lotus or are they making a major overhaul for the next patch.

For DE, I'd prefer a new voice to the Lotus and the cybernetic voice is a pretty good replacement however some people prefer not to. 


Perhaps you could implement a system that gives you a choice for the voice of the Lotus.




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Yeah, there were a few other threads about this topic, and most of them agreed the Fomorian Lotus is 'okay'.


I personally prefer Lady-Lotus over Robo-Lotus anyday. "Monitor/Handler AI over the radio" thing is so overused, having a person as a handler it all better.

I feel like Sam Fisher/Grimmsdottr or Master Chief/Cortana again instead of Chell/GlaDOS.

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