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Are Torid And/or Spectra Worth Making?



Just learned that a couple of research weapons only need rank 4 to craft (I thought they all took rank 6 or 7), so I was wondering if either of the Rank 4 guns (Torid and Spectra) were worth making? I was considering making the Torid in particular because it's highly unlikely I'll ever get the rank 6 required for the Ogris. (plus I imagine a Cryo Torid + Snowglobe would make a good 'bubble of doom')

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id build the flux rifle before the spectra...the spectra is basically a watered down flux rifle's r*****ed cousin...


torid is the best high wave defense gun in terms of dps next to the acrid...play the defensive with vauban/nyx and watch your enemies just tear up and die

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