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Volt: A Four-Year Adventure.

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(This song is supposed to go with this post. Please play this while reading.)

"There are no steps but forward. There is no way but up. There's not a word called failure, and there's no such thing as luck. There is no cutting corners, or taking a shortcut. There are no steps but forward. There is no way but up. - Linda Poindexter"

These last four years have been one huge adventure with it's up's, it's downs, it's side-to-sides, and it's In's-and-Out's. I've seen a lot of different faces, met a many different people, and got to know a good portion of them. I personally never thought that I would be here past year one, and honestly, there were moments that even I thought about up and leaving myself. But something kept me here. Kept me coming back. Drove me to persevere. When I first started this game, I was going through quite a phase of depression. I was in high school, a sophomore, a lone wolf, an outcast...

People have tried to break me out of it, but nobody ever could. I was turned on to Warframe after watching some Gameplay online (and truthfully, knowing my elder laptop could actually run it.) I began to play, and as I was travelling along, A group of people took me under their wing, taught me their ways, and taught me how to be... like them. To respect others, to help one in need, to be... Human.

The game continued to evolve, and mature, and, to put it simply, pack a punch. I was helped until I could help myself, but I vowed one day that if I ever did reach that point where I could actually help myself, that I would pass this on to others that were beginning and starting out, as I once had.

I ran a FashionFrame contest tonight, to celebrate these last four years of happiness, sadness, anger, joy, embarrassment, fear, and excitement. There were a lot of contestants that came out tonight, and while they all can't quite be named, I personally thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for showing up tonight. This was themed around the Warframe I'm named after, Volt.

The Winners of this FashionFrame Contest are:


Now this goes without saying, there were a lot of good choices tonight, so I had also picked Three Honorable Mentions as well. They are as followed:

Soon after this event, I gathered everybody around for a short while, since some didn't have much time, and took a few snapshots.


(Gallery above)

Thank you all for a wonderful four years, and here's to another four more!

And thank you, Digital Extremes, for making something that I could feel good about doing, and allow me to feel accomplished in my efforts.

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My story:

-What? Founder pack? Can't be that expensive.. 

*Sold his @(*()$ Television, monitor and old PC to buy it, and gave up food for an entire month to do so.*

Worth it. I tell you.. Worth it.... 

Much love to DE. 

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