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Beautiful Aint It? Ash Teleport Bug


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 while this is awesome, it also shows that DE have put in other ships (even if they are just placeholders/satic 2D images or whatnot), even when you`re tucked inside a single one. maybe there could be ship-to ship missions, where you have to sabotage a whole fleet...

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Did you try to make your character resemble the Stalker?


On topic: That's pretty awesome. I may have to build Ash just to try this kinda thing.


...I wonder if Loki or Nova would work...

no i wasnt aware that i made my char look like the stalker when i colored him in. i used the color black on all parts except for the energy color which was red 


and on loki it doesnt work but maybe nova.


also other cameras can also be teleported to ill post some pics in while

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this gets you here




gets you here where you can use this point to get to the capture target fairly quickly




gets you here


and i love going jumping through here to troll my team into thinkin i can walk through walls


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