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Parkour And Game Feedback + New Mode Idea. Advice


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Gameplay Feedback


Real  Time action: In a sense where the animations are able to cancel each other out, similar to that of King Of Fighter/ DoA/ Gunz, where we, the players, are able to stack our attacks upon each other. For example, if we are able to cancel the skill or string the skills together, and apply the correct sequence, we can pull of chain combs like Devil May Cry, where players can really string and create their style, allowing us to hit enemies in midair and whatnots... Simply put it, would be great if we are able to pull of chain combos relying on our real skill, instead of simply spamming the Action button. And this might be workable(?), if we are allowed to cancel skill animations, instead of waiting for the warframe to finish striking the vertical/horizontal slash and what not.


Here is a video that roughly captures what i mean:



Or we can simply refer to any DOA games with their chain combo idea.


Wall-Running and Parkour feedback:


Apart from the hilarious physics (wall running along curved walls), it does feel abit unsmooth as we are unable to wallrun on all surfaces. Usually works on certain surface which has the white paint on it. Is it possible to "smoothen" out this interaction by allowing us  to literally wall run and dash everywhere? With reference to an oldgame called Gunz, players were able to literally bounce off anywhere, and everywhere, making us feel truly "Ninja". Or even the recent new games like Assassin Creed, where we are literally able to cling anywhere. I know, currently we are able to apparently wall run anywhere, but the transition isn't really smooth, and the scene usually ends up with 2-4 players facing a wall and jumping like idiots, until the wall finally responds and allow us to run along it.


Mode Feedback


Last but not least, couple of ideas here.. not sure nice or not. but would be awesome if we have a mode where we have all three factions fighting each other, and the Tennos being the sneaky ones invading frm base to base (like tower capture), or even Corpus vs Grineer map, and then a sudden outbreak of Infested. Something like Shattered Galaxy, where these factions are trying to eat each other up, and we have to defend or fight back.


Thank you all for your time.


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