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Unable To Invite Or Join...messing Me Up Big Time



so ever since the event I have not been able to invite or join games. .When I send invites the other person is unable to join and when I get invited I never even receive the invitation. I had a hard time with the event cause of this and now I cant use my t3 keys ( not going to solo t3). anyone else have this problem/ know how to fix it?

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Something along the lines of this:


Written out: (I'm not an IT guy and therefore any of the information below could be incorrect)


-Open CMD and type the following:



-Now look for either "standard gateway" or "default gateway" (From what I can tell it'll be either or generally)


-Copy the default/standard gateway IP address and paste it into your browser.


-You're now at your router. I recommend googling the make of your router and possibly the model to try to find the user/pass for your router if you didn't set one already and just trying to proceed doesn't work with the default information in try "admin" and a blank password and "admin" with the password "pass" then with the password "password". Again, if these don't work, google the standard user/pass of your router. If nothing works and you can't figure out the user/pass of your router, you'll probably have to make a few calls.


-Now that you're signed into your router take a look around. On my router, UPnP is under "System Settings." But I have a Belkin, so it's likely in a different place for you.


-Once you found the UPnP option, enable it.


Now apply the changes and try connecting to your friends game/inviting him now. 


If this doesn't work, you're gonna have to forward some ports, which I really don't know how to do. 

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