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New Warframe Concept: Geist - The Tenno Ghost.


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I had an idea for a warframe that sort of interested me and I wanted to run it by you folks and get some thoughts on it.  Hopefully, it will be mostly well received, but I would appreciate any constructive feedback.


Codename: Geist


Group role:

Melee-centric defense specialist.



Cloning and technological advances dont erase the fear of the unknown or death.  Based on prototype technology recovered from an Orokin ruin, the pilot using the warframe designated as Geist makes use of phase-shifting technology and the ancient superstitions of his enemies to accomplish its goals. 



Ability 1:  Ghost walk - 25 energy

Geist shifts out of his physical state into an ethereal state, and Geist's appearance changes from solid to translucent.  If Geist fires a ranged weapon or uses a melee attack, the Ghost Walk effect is cancelled.  Breaking Ghost Walk with a melee attack should give a damage boost to the melee attack equivalent to Ash/Loki melee boost while invis.  He cannot be directly harmed by enemies while effected by Ghost Walk (exceptions: indirect damage such as gas clouds, napalm), and gains the ability to clip through enemies.  The effect lasts 3/3/5/7 seconds, and does not benefit from duration mods.


Ability 2:  Spectral Assault - 50 energy
Geist channels his abilities into his melee weapons, allowing his weapons to more easily pierce the armor or hide of his enemies.  This grants his melee attacks an extra 25%/50%/75%/100% Armor Piercing damage for the duration of 15/15/15/20 seconds.  This effect benefits from both power and duration mods.

Ability 3:  Ethereal Shift - 75 energy
Geist extends part of his ability to phase shift to cover his teammates that are within a medium range.  Effected teammates appear partially translucent and gain 10/10/20/30% static damage reduction, which does not stack with any other abilities that grant direct damage reduction, for 3/5/7/9 seconds.  This effect benefits from duration mods, but not power mods.

Ability 4:  Terrorize - 100 energy

Geist's Terrorize ability capitolizes on the old superstitions of hauntings and spirits. Organic foes to see him as a terrifying specter and attempt to flee, while robotic foes experience a paradox and shut down for diagnostics (stunned) until the effect ends.  This effect does no damage and lasts 3/4/7/10 seconds. It has a fairly large radius and is effected by duration mods.


Note:  Rationale for effect on robotic enemies:  Ghosts do not exist, but they perceive Geist as one. Faulty or malfunctioning sensors, must run diagnostics.



Health:  100 start, 300 at rank 30

Shields:  75 start, 250 at rank 30

Energy:  75 start: 225 at rank 30

Sprint Speed: 1.1

Polarity:  V, -

Aura Polarity: V


My interpretation on what he should look like:

As far as looks, his armor could be fairly smooth white/very light grey/pale blue with organic bony-looking ridges along strategic points (feet, shins, chest/shoulders, forearms).  Helmet could be a blank mask (similar to Trinity's Meridian faceplate, or if you're old like me Cobra Commander from the origional Gi. Joe), and what looks like a shroud covering the rest of the head.  


Many thanks to ValhaHazred for drawing this for me:





Edit:  Clarity and grammar.

Edited by Malikon
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One of the more interesting and seemingly balanced suggestions I've seen to date. Congratulations.

Ghostwalk seems a bit awkward, though, as if it doesn't know what it wants to be. I'm also uncomfortable with the idea of a 2-300% damage multiplier for a measly 25 energy, especially when you throw Streamline into the mix.

On the other hand, I really like that his last two abilities are team/utility oriented. It's refreshing to see a non-burst-damage ultimate.

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Very cool concept, but I agree with Diabolus' point. Even if it breaks ghost walk, giving a melee attack 200-300% damage is a little much for 25 energy.


Loki's Invis, or Ash's smoke screen, benefit from a from having all melee attacks get a boost (I think it's 150 or 200%) and they both are 2nd abilities, meaning they cost 50 energy. 


Having the melee attack end the ghost walk is a good way to balance it, but I would also suggest having the damage bonus be the same as Loki and Ash's so that we have the same multiplier when we discuss going "invis" to the enemy.


Awesome, very balanced idea for a warframe.

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