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Pherliac Pods... where are they?

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6 hours ago, Virtualnsanity said:

Not to mention; you have to wait 8 hours for the Pherliac pods to get out of Foundry! So after the looooooooong grind for the parts, you have to wait 8 to use them.

It's as if DE wants us to go do something else with our lives for a while???

Nothing new in warframe.

Dont you get hourly message telling you to rember to take a break?🤣

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Yeah as much as I like things about Warframe I despised this quest.  Completely at the mercy of RNG AND waiting on crafting AND an absolutely ludicrous bullet sponge of a boss WHO DOESN'T ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING??  I mean he literally just flew a bit, stopped and sat perfectly still for minutes at a time while I blasted his engines and occasionally sent a few ospreys to harass me.  THIS IS NOT A BOSS FIGHT.

Warframe's got some good stuff going for it, but someone needs a broken toe for designing this quest.

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