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Potato Hek? Good?


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Sobek is better, but Hek will always be good, hell that gun has edited the language of people on the forums, people always say Hek, instead of heck now.

I say Hek is much better than sobek. The reload time is horrible on the sobek compared to the hek.


I say potato the Hek. You will ofc want:

1.Point blank mod (Max)

2.Hells chamber (Max)

3.Charged Chamber (Elec dmg)

4.Incendiary coat (Fire dmg)

5.Chilling grasp (Ice dmg)

6.Flechette (AP dmg)


Now with my hek loadout I sacrificed reload speed and the increase in clip mods so I can equip Accelerated Blast and Blaze mods. But the last two mod slots are really whatever you want. Ive gone a pure dmg build on my hek :3

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Hek is a solid shotgun, I got one potato'd and forma'd and it's never let me down.


The mods I run are:

1) Hell's Chamber

2) Point Blank

3) Flechette

4) Lv.3 Ammo Stock (Don't go past level 3 it doesn't add anything else.)

5) Accelerated Blast

6) Blaze

7) Chilling Grasp

8) Tactical Pump (This one is a personal choice.)

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I have used a Hek since it came out, through the nerfs and all. I have to say that it is brutally effective. I can't speak for the Sobek though. I recall reading that its performance was a bit lacking compared to Hek, but I cannot recall where I saw the comparisons.

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Is a potatoed hek worth it?


Depends son.


How do you feel about one shooting all the grunts in the game, and taking down those pesky elites with less than a mag? If your answer is "pretty good", then, yes, it is worth it.

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Here special delivered Hek for corpus Tenno's no.1 favorite weapon

This babe can nuke and puke sh**t loads of dmg to any mission you want

Reccomended for Pluto missions also with one shot you kill 2 or 3 corpus as a bonus

Can be delivered to you now from the Tenno Uber Weapons Store

All you need to do is call 000-its-the-grineer 



If you call in the next 1 hour 10 Extra super lucky Tenno will also win

The super special module



Warning!:Keep away from kids,corpus,infested and grineer.



As for your question Hek is a powerful weapon and worths potatoing

in overall hek has amazing burst dmg per bullet aka DPB

But Sobek (which also very nice) has better DPS than the hek

its up to you i would reccomend that you try them both a bit before deciding, cheers.




for the lolz


EthendiL ;p

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I've potatoed and forma'd my Hek 3 times. 


Its my favorite long gun in the game.


The load out I use is


Hell's Chamber, Point Blank, Incendiary Coat, Fletteche, Chilling Grasp, Accelerated Blast, Tactical Pump, Ammo Stock (40%)


Still need to get a blaze in there...

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