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Void Elevator Bug


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Just got bugged again, T2 Raid, this time exiting the waterfall treasure room, I fell into the water and it kept spawning me in thin air to fall into the water and respawn again and again and again.


I've already wasted the better part of an hour on bugged void runs today, and lost a few mods too.

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I wanted to add about the elevator void bug (T3 Mobile Defense)

Stared when I tried to enter elevator and it kept pushing me back...after sliding in I made it and proceeded to go second floor, np.... but once I went back to go down this happens:



I could not get down for the life of me since ever time I wormholed, it brought me back up at the same spot...the only way I got out was by asking fellow a Tenno to activate elevator to go up (was able to have my feet touch the elevator floor) then portal before reaching down to force the game to let me down.


*Note: when I mean games brings me back, is when the game blacks out as part of transition of sorts...


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Doing a T1 Raid and every time the elevator started I would fall through the floor and spawn back in the lower floor.  I couldn't complete the mission because my objective was on the upper floor.


Just happened to me too and had to abort the mission. Luckily I didn't find any uncommon or rare mods that I would like to keep.

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