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Torid Poison Cloud Disappears Before Effect Has Ended


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I would like to point out that the cloud for Torid projectiles dissipates before the poison is done. This has led to me running into a cloud when I had seen it as a safe passage.


This wouldn't be such a big issue if it didn't take out a large amount of my health and occasionally stagger me, but since this does damage to oneself, I would say this is a rather high importance issue for all Torid users.


Thanks for reading.


Edit: Upon further testing, it seems to be most strongly linked to hitting a target directly, it carrying the poison trail, and the poison trail still be dangerous with no graphical effect left behind. I am not sure if where you hit the target makes a poison well on the ground there invisibly or something similar, but there is definitely something to be looked at with Torid poison cloud mechanics.

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Mostly a bump because I think this is important, but also:


I'm almost positive it's some strange behavior with the cloud when you hit targets directly. It seems to spawn a second poison well somewhere near the collision, then it carries the first one on the target.

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