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Started mission dead and loki'd through walls.

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Pretty much what the title says. Earlier today I logged in and went to complete a mission and once I had "loaded" in past the cinematic where you drop through the grate or whatever, I was dead and it was asking me to revive or forfeit.

Another problem I was having was grineer commands having the ability to loki me into another room, through walls. The area in question was the area on the ships where it has the upper and lower floors, but has three "coves" on either wall. (I dunno how to explain it other than that, but i could find a level with it, since it's pretty freqent, and take a picture if need be) I was on the 'bottom" floor. Away from all "upper" doors where you enter and leave the room and I was teleported back and forth into the adjacent room. Which seems.. wrong to me seeing as I was under the impression it requires line of sight to use.

They also seem to be teleporting people much more since the newest patch. Maybe they always teleported people that much, and it was just spread between me and my friends so I never noticed. But personally I don't think they should be able to loki you a good half dozen times in the span of about 2 seconds. Seem's a bit much Anyways, Hope this helps.

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