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Clan Cap Sizes


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Anyone think the clan tier sizes are a little weird?




and then it just jumps to


301-1000 (what came up with that? thats random af)


Why isnt there like 301-650,  650- 1000?


How exactly are clans around 300-400 people supposed to compete with clans of 900 people?


Edit: Also the resource costs jump up as soon as you past 300 members which might be cool for a bigger clan but not exactly cool for a clan around 300/400 members.


I just think they need to add in more tiers. Im not sure if the lower tiers are just as crazy. Thoughts? Complaints? Insults?

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Because the odds are probably pretty good that a clan of 300-400 people have about the same number of active users as a clan of 900-1000.

Idk, we have around 30-50 active users normally at anytime of the day (clan of 296) I feel like a clan of 900 would have a lot more seeing how they have a lot more members. You could be right seeing how i dont have the data and DE does, but it seems weird.

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