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Condensed Damage Numbers


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Quick and fast:  It would be nice if there was an option that would change the damage numbers from " mods + weapon damage" to "one big damage number" in the fly.


What we have currently is a flock full of numbers flying all over the place. The typical weapon uses more than one +% damage type, multishot, elemental, and what-have-you. Combine this with weapons that shoot multiple bullets and you have one screen that's filled with numbers that add up to one number. 


It would also make finding weak spots on enemies way easier.


What your numbers look like.



What your numbers could look like.



Edit: Visual Aids thanks to Saenol

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I agree with this. The number should increase appropriately within a time frame as you add damage to the counter.


Perhaps if you use some combination of weapons in a short time, it should show more than one number: a number for each weapon.

(E.G. attack with a shotgun and then throw a glaive; shoot someone up with a rifle and then pull out a pistol. Both these cases would result in two different numbers popping up.)

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