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Warframe Improvements (Sorry About Length)


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Please feedback if you think any of these are good ideas or any improvements for them.

1. An auto donate option at the end of a mission that allows all the resources and credits (not mods/artifacts/blueprints) to be added to the guild treasury or resource pool. This would obviously require the creation of said resource pool (donations and management of resources here) which would likely be managed by the warlord and officers, this could also lead to the building of a resource room that allows the members of the clan to see the physical wealth in large piles of credits and resources however this would also need to benefit the clan more than this as who would spend a large amount of resources just to stare at some credits. Instead the room could passively benefit the clan by allowing a greater amount of resources to be stored in the resource pool.

2. Resources from daily reward with scaling amounts, for example day 1 of login may give 50 rubedo and day 7 may give 500 salvage (However these would have a low chance of being the reward), this system would allow for the quicker building of guild rooms for both small and large clans and also due to high resource costs for Clan researched weapons it would help fill the void between early and late game resource requirements but would also provide the hope of a constantly useful reward rather than repeatedly gaining credits or weapon experience that could be gained just as easily from missions

3.(probably been suggested by loads of people) A guild board that allows for the listing of rules or guidelines and could also be used to list clan boss or tower runs so that the members can communicate and organise runs within the clan.

4. A new mission type of taking territory from one of the 3 factions (or other Tenno!?) and fighting to control star systems or planets against the factions. This may provide a new type of alert mission specific to that account or clan as their planet is being taken and they must rush to defend against the attacking forces.

5.(Another previously suggested idea) The scaling of rewards from defence missions e.g. wave 5 common and ammo packs are the most common, almost 100% then wave 10 has a higher chance of better mods and slightly higher chance of keys and so on. This scaling would encourage people to continue to higher waves rather than taking the first half-decent mod because they suspect the next mod will be a hell-fire or heated charge. This would also be rewarding for players rather than just a repetitive grind to try and get something other than hell-fire and ammo packs.

6. During combat I would personally like to see more evidence of the Tenno's suit or shield taking damage and so I propose that shots whilst your shield is up collide with it and create effects such as smoke from lasers or temporary bullet holes in the blue shield once shot, and then when your shield is down I think that the suit should take visible damage similar to how in the Arkham series Batman's suit gains tears or puncture holes. I know actual holes wouldn't work as they are space ninja's in space but evidence of burn marks and stuff on the suit would look really good.

Thanks for reading this post, I'd like people to feedback on some of my suggestions to see if others would also like these to be added.

I posted a longer list of improvements earlier before update 8/9 and am glad to see that some of these ideas have been implemented such as a higher difficulty (kind of) and the obstacle course however that could easily be made to support co-op work through the use of buttons and laser fields or alternating turrets that can be activated on one side and de activated on the other allowing each Tenno to progress slowly however obviously that would be too easy so there could be a time limit and parkour sections in between each button.

IGN: silversponge

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