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Hints About Mod Leveling



So, here's my problem...

I've been playing since around update 6, got the changes in mod system since the beginning, yet there's something that bugs me. I can't seem to level a couple of my mods past their current level.

I am talking about Hornet Strike, Serration, Vitality and Redirection. All of them are level 6, and I'm having a bit of trouble to get them past that.


So, any hints? Farming spots, maybe? A good place to drop high-level Fusion Cores or copies of said mods? Any help is apreciated.

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I prefer running mobile defense (Kappa or Kiste).  There's a little more variety rather than standing in a single spot the whole mission, and the enemies tend to be mostly funneled through a couple main directions.

When leveling multiple high level mods with different polarities, don't forget that matching polarities provide an extra boost.

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I'm at the same point with the same set of mods; just gets really expensive.

Additional levels increases by powers of 2 per mod level (2, 4, 8, 16, 36, 64, 128, 256?).  This is skewed a bit depending on the polarity of the mods you're fusing and any fusion cores used.

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