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I don´t know if this has already been posted before, but anyway here it goes.


This game really needs a system to kick players out of the game. In defense missions the game doesn´t start until all players are out of spawn, sometimes there is an AFK player, if the rest of the squad could vote to kick that player the game could go on instead of making players leave the game.


There are missions that are really hard, players prepare good equipment and try their best, but usually appears rank 0-1 players that make the game even harder, trying to revive them. That low rank player also is "blocking" any other better player or at least with more experience and equipment to join the game.


I think there are two options for this:

- Creating a voting system, if all the other players (3) agree to kick the other one they would press Esc, Kick Voting menu and select the one they vote to kick.

- Let the host kick any player, that´s really unfair but easier

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So what I want to know about all the vote kick wanters is, what makes your game experience any more important than anyone else's. If someone joins and doesn't play how you want so you kick them, how is that fair in any way? I'm sure if you joined a game and got kicked because of the frame you used or whatever dumb reasoning most people want a votekick for, we'd start seeing a dozen more topics whining about how abused votekick was by the same people demanding it.

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Put 'Vote Kick' into the search function for these forums and you will find,







And a lot more. a LOT more.

I have commented on many of those, if you want my opinion read them.

EDIT: Oh, and from the Frequently Given Feedback thread,

G3) AFK Kicking System - still no answer [added by liavalenth]

Community is divided;

- Use a vote kick system

- Use an automatic AFK Kick system

- Combine the above to a vote kick after AFK system

- Add a blacklist

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As I can see in many of the topics you refered there several things repeated again and again.

- Kick vote will be abused, ok... there could be some restrictions for its use, and we can suggest which ones, eg. to kick an AFK player its needed 3 min AFK to allow voting. There is no need for a free kick voting system, just for some situations..

- I´ve seen a few about Void mission kicking the host, and creating some kind of exploit, that can´t happen, eg. if the host internet drops their game drops too.

- You are playing with 2 friends and another one just logs in and you want to kick the third random player to let your friend join in. There is private hosting games, you choose if only friends can join or invitation only, that is a way to avoid those kind of kicks.

- I mentioned kicking low rank players, I think it could be solved by adding some short of rank requirement for each planet, or kinda setting your game, "i don´t want people under rank 3" and you set that.


I think all would be solved with a system to kick AFKers, that´s the biggest problem right now.

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The ONLY way that kick could be implemented is with a series of limitations such as:

-You can only kick someone who has been AFK for X amount of time

-You can only kick someone who has been separated from the party for X amount of time (to catch rushers or turtlers when the rest of the group doesnt want to play that way) As long as a single party member is with them they wont have the option to get kicked. Will also catch people who stay in the starting room of defense and weight down 'w'.

-You can only kick someone if they are holding the spy datamass and refusing to get into the extraction zone for X amount of time when the rest of the group is at extraction.

-You can only kick someone if they are holding the deception/mobile defense datamass and not using it even though the group is gathered at the data-terminal for it to be used in.

And there are probably others that can be added to that list, but this would catch quite a few of the trolls and not allow it to be abused too freely.

A free vote kicking system is just too ripe for abuse.


To answer some of your points:

I've been the host of void missions where my internet has derped and dropped me. It did not drop the rest of the party and they were able to continue playing, and I was even able to rejoin them. No key was used up. So they would have to prevent kicking in void missions or something (and those should only be friends/clanmates anyways as you cant randomly hop into a void mission).

I've played with people who are in a 3 man group on online and one of their friends gets online. Sometimes they become incredibly hostile if I dont drop out of the mission for their friend to be able to join. So there are times when this would be a valid instance of abuse, and if they allowed free vote kicking people would be kicked. Not everyone is polite enough to start private/invite only games when waiting for another friend to get online.

Besides low ranking players there would be kicks because of Gear (cant count how often I get harrassed for bringing 'substandard' gear even if I can out damage everyone else), Frames (wouldn't believe the hate some people have for Loki, Mag, Vauban and Nova). Again this can be solved by having restrictions on vote kicking.

Overall though I think that a blacklist system is ultimately superior to a kick system.

The main reason? In a blacklist system you play with them once, black list them, and then never have to play with them again. In a kick system you have to kick them from every single mission that they start trolling in. Further, if that troll happens to be in your clan he can join any of your private matches endlessly to troll you repeatedly.

The next reason I would prefer a blacklist is that it would be easier to implement (no need for putting limitations on it) and it has a few more uses:

-Share your blacklist with other people so they never have to see the trolls in their missions

-Once a person is added to enough people's blacklists they cant troll anymore with that account and have to make a new one and pay/grind for a troll frame or to be able to get into the missions that they can troll in. What this does is slowly forces the trolls/griefers out of the game entirely.

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