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Ignis: A Different Kind Of Fix


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This kind of topic has been made multiple times and that's the point. We need more topics like this if we want something




What Ignis works like now:

|__/ / P|__] --------^^^^^"""""""""""""'''''''''''********  - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - - -   (Pew Pew Pew!)


But with shorter range.


Here's how classical flamethrowers work in real life:




But not all flamethrowers work like that and neither should the Ignis:

Napalm flamethrower:



The problem is that the flamethrower doesn't work like napalm. But this could be fixed using a solution already in game:


Just make that a little smaller and fire and there we go. That cloud already sticks to people and the dps stacks with every hit so this would be a DPS monster to single targets, in short range.

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Kind of like Ember's Fireball?

When you attack an enemy they get hit with a huge amount of damage with a lot of it being damage over time. However, when the Ignis is pointed at the ground it creates a "wall" or "trail" of fire on the ground or walls. This means it can be used to create choke points, or fortify choke points that can't always be guarded.

Edit: I have to agree with LaswerGoPewPew. Adding some innate puncture would definitely go a long way to making the Ignis a much better CC weapon. Maybe nerf the damage a bit, but cause more panic (even to the infested).

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Napalm Flamethrower would be awesome, reminds me of the Lava Gun in Ratchet and Clank!

The liquid nitrogen gun in RaC3 was always a favorite, only weapon that was better was the ry3no. Pinpoint precision no longer matters when you can kill literally every enemy in sight.

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As cool as the utility of laying down fire trails seems, I'm not convinced that's the best way to buff the ignis.


I don't think the ignis is meant for doing large damage to one target or hosing through a line of enemies. You have to kite around the groups and spray from the sides to hit the most enemies. What would support this playstyle is a longer burn time.



Imagine if you had a team all equipped with Ignis on some infested defense. If you spray an enemy, they burn for say 5 seconds and different player's fire would stack. So to max your team's DPS, everyone would be running around trying to tag all the enemies with damage over time. It would be a chaotic hellfire bbq.


Until the ancients came, then you'd be screwed.

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As cool as the utility of laying down fire trails seems, I'm not convinced that's the best way to buff the ignis.

Agreed, but what if it was a weapon specific mod?

Granted, I believe the ignis needs a wider cone with innate puncture. Nothing huge, but enough to effectively CC. That being said: What if there was a mod for the Ignis that could exchange the cone with a line, but would allow the wielder to lay down lines on the ground?

Sound like a good trade?

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