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XB1 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.3.5 (+ Hotfixes/Mirage Prime)

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December 7th: Crash Fix Update! 

We published an update on Xbox One ET that reduced 1.8 GB of memory and addressed previous issues with Texture Streaming. We’re hopeful that this will knock down another pin in our investigations. We are still working on solving the crash as whole, but for the time being this should greatly decrease its prevalence on Xbox One when transitioning into the Plains.
"End Quote" 

this worked well for all my friends with the original xbox one i on the other hand with an xbox one x actually have received more issues in plains because of the bottlenecking this has caused my system. 

on second note :) mirage prime looks gorgeous and i love the doppelgangers wish they could go back to the number being based on power strength! lol 

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