Hello Xbox Tenno! As of this mornings Update 22.3.5, we have been gathering reports of crashes when entering the Plains from Cetus. We're currently investigating these crashes on our end, but require your assistance to best reproduce these issues. If you experience a crash, please reply with the following information: Are you Solo, in a squad, or waiting for other players to join? If you were in a squad, did they crash as well and what are their Gamertags? What were you doing in-game when the crash occurred? Thank you for assisting us as we further investigate these crashes!  2:37PM EDIT:  Can those experiencing crashes please hard restart their Xbox (hold down the power button) and restart Warframe from the 'My games and apps' App. Thank you! December 1st 3:00 PM EDIT:  Hey Tenno, we've received multiple reports that since Operation: Plague Star went live the crashes have increased when attempting to enter the Plains after having selected the Plague Star Bounty from Konzu. 

We're still investigating and will update you as soon as we can.  December 1st 5:25 PM EDIT:  Since Update 22.3.5, we have been investigating a crash that occurs when attempting to enter the Plains from Cetus. When “Operation: Plague Star” went live today at 2 p.m. ET, it became rampant on Xbox One. With the “Plague Star” Bounty selected from Konzu, attempting to enter the Plains resulted in a high chance of crashing out of Warframe and onto your dashboard.  In an attempt to alleviate the crash frequency, and to get you guys back out into the Plains for Operation: Plague Star, we have lowered the player capacity in Cetus instances on Xbox One AND PS4. This is a temporary workaround while we continue our investigations into a more permanent solution. This should help reduce the crashes, but keep in mind that there is still work to be done and crashes may still occur.  Thank you for all your patience! We'll keep you updated here as we make progress towards a fix. 

December 5th 11:28 PM EDIT: 

We’ve made more changes to Cetus instances in a hotfix that just went live that should help alleviate crash frequency when transitioning into the Plains. Work is still ongoing on a more permanent solution to this, and we apologize for the trouble.  December 7th EDIT:  Due to the crash when transitioning into the Plains from Cetus at the launch of Operation: Plague Star on both XB1 and PS4, we have extended the Operation to Monday, December 18th at 2 p.m. ET. We realize this has greatly impacted your ability to play and participate in “Operation: Plague Star” on XB1 and PS4. Days of earning Standing for Operational Supply Rewards and Hemocyte Cystoliths for Clan Trophies were at stake for many of you who couldn’t enter the Plains without crashing.   We have made a couple temporary, but hopeful fixes (noted in this thread) since then to help reduce the high crash frequency on XB1. These fixes were also executed on PS4, as similar issues existed but at a much lower rate.Those fixes, and what resulted from them, allowed us to make serious headway late last night on what was discovered to be a memory allocator bug affecting both consoles. As a result, we published an update on XB1 today roughly around 1 p.m. ET that reduced 1.8 GB of memory and address previous issues with Texture Streaming. PS4 will receive a similar fix in a later update, that will address 200 MB of memory. We’re hopeful that this will knock down another pin in our investigations. We are still working on solving the crash as whole, but for the time being this should greatly decrease its prevalence on XB1 when transitioning into the Plains.