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Possible Connection Issue?


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So when i play solo, i have no issues.

but when i play with other people(and i have left warframe through my firewall) it starts to get...laggy in a connection way.

Frames per secound is fine.  but my damage registers late.  enemies sorta warp around.  and if one shoots me the dmg doesnt appear until later. during which i die instantly and skip the downed state.

allies also warp around.

and when i ask people about it they say they getting the same thing so it isnt the host because this has been going on for a few days and i doubt all hosts would be this bad.

if its me then i don't understand why, never had connection issues in a game before.

is it the game itself? is a fix on the way?

basically i dont understand what is going on and getting annoyed =/

also if its my connection what can i do to fix it?

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