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Ok Sooo I Group With This De_Steve Right.....


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and now every time I leave a game where the four players names are supposed to be listed it says [WARB] DE_Steve instead of the actual players names ???? this was on Narc a few days ago and its still persisting even after full reboot of my computer....He also mentioned about our RNG (something about 1.5 or something on the tables) durIng the 40 ish waves we did together and he was quite nice but now it seems my loot is stuck on crappy fire mods whenever I host.


I joked that he was trolling us because it was a bit Laggy but now I think he Actually trolled me :(.


P.S. I was the green/orange frost

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It happens to a lot of people just varies in where, back before U7 you could bug out your profile in game and see DE_Steves profile, it's most likely DE_Steve account is used in most testing things and in such game just shows it from time to time


Or just that you're marked now and will forever be watched o_o.. the pink shorts 

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